10 Great tips on how to create an effective and social website for your business

Your social website is the online place where you welcome people, where you provide information, and where you turn people into customers and clients. As a realtor, you need an online presence, and your website has to be as effective as promoting you, as you are in real life.

At Agent Media, we understand the importance of connecting with your audience and promoting yourself online. Here are 10 great tips on how to create an effective and social website for your business.

Create objectives and work from there

It is easy to be in a rush to create your website, and you’ll be keen to push on. However, if you start out aimlessly, there is a very high chance you will end in this manner. Therefore, before you start the process of creating a website, create objectives that help you achieve success with your social website.

If you don’t need to be on a platform, there is nothing to say you must have one. Similarly, if you have nothing to say with a website, don’t build one. Many agencies get by very well with a social media presence. If you can achieve your goals on these platforms, do so.

The most important thing for you and your business is to know what you want to achieve, and then create a platform that best helps you achieve these goals.

Develop your authority

In the modern day, people want proof and they want to hire professionals they trust. You should showcase your credentials, talk about important matters and always provide guidance and value in everything you do.

In many ways, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for realtors, as it is the business social platform, but you can be informative and compelling on all platforms. Make sure you know what your core strengths or skills are, and then create content that shows this, and you, in your best light.

Ask questions and have a conversation

You would think with social being in the title of social platforms, businesses would realise there is a need to be sociable. People use Facebook for fun, for catching up with friends and staying in touch with relevant news.

If you blandly talk at people, you won’t gain any traction or momentum, and people won’t like your posts. However, if you ask questions, start conversations and make sure the focus is on others as much as it is on you, you’ll find that your social website generates interest and drives traffic.

Thank people and recommend others

With social platforms, you are part of a community, and you need to show you acknowledge and recognise others in your area or industry sphere. Taking the time to thank people and recommend professionals you trust isn’t a huge activity, but it has a big impact.

Hopefully, when you recommend others, they’ll link to you back, but the simple act of shining a light on others will often help people to think more positively towards you.

Be different

There is a lot of realtors on social platforms, and there may be a lot of realtors operating in your local area. However, none of them are, and none of them can meet the market in the way you can. Therefore, you need to think about what differentiates you from other relators, and then work out how this can stand you out from the crowd.

When you create and share content that shows you aren’t the same as all the rest, and there is a reason to choose you as opposed to choosing another realtor, you’ll develop an audience.

Don’t get hung up on likes and follows

It is nice to be liked and it is helpful to have as many followers as possible, but these things aren’t goals that mean anything by themselves. If a realtor has 5 followers on Facebook but has gained three instructions from these clients, and another realtor has 100,000 followers but hasn’t gained any instructions, which realtor is doing Facebook better?

It is easy to gain followers, you can buy them or you can create posts that are hugely engaging, but none of this matters if you don’t win instructions. It is far better to focus on the results which matter, and work towards achieving results that ensure your business grows.

Be active on various platforms, but choose one to dominate

With so many platforms to choose from, and so many people to reach, it is smart to have a presence on various platforms. However, while it is good to be active in various places, it is best to have one platform where you place most of your time and energy.

Work out which platform best suits your image or identity, and which helps you reach your audience. You also need to consider which form of content is best for your needs. When you consider these elements, one platform is likely to stand out over the others, and this becomes the platform you should focus your time and energy.

Create a social and content calendar

You may think you can wing the process of creating content, but before too long, you realise you cant. Work and life can get in the way, you may run out of ideas or you may worry that your work isn’t impacting your audience. You may also get distracted and end up creating content that isn’t consistent, making it hard for your followers to follow.

By creating a content calendar, you can plan your work, you can maximise your output, you can batch content, you can tie in with promotions, and you develop a platform to achieve better results. All these outcomes matter, and they are easier to achieve when you have a content calendar to work with.

Be visual with images and video clips

Social platforms are visual platforms. You will engage your audience more with images, infographics and video clips. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money creating these visual elements, but the time you do spend will be well spent.

People have a tendency to scroll through their timelines and if your posts are text-based, they are unlikely to stop scrolling. However, if you have images and video clips on your timeline, it is far more likely people will stop and pay attention to your post.

Get help from experts

There is a lot to be said for turning to others for support to achieve the best results on social platforms. Your strength and skills lies in your realtor work and engaging clients. If you hire someone to replicate your identity and brand online, as opposed to you doing it yourself, you can be in two places at once, and you can achieve better results.

Being a realtor is exciting, but it is also challenging. If you want to improve your chances of success, you should turn to experts to help you develop a social website that promotes your services and develops a relationship with your audience.

At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we have helped many realtors develop a social presence which bolsters and strengthens their local presence. If you want to have a social website that matches the care and attention you offer your clients, contact us today and we will be happy to help you.

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